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Flying Ants vs. Termite Swarmer

The image on the left shows the Termite at the top and the ant at the bottom.

Body: Termites have one solid body, Ants have separated bodies.

Wings: The wings on the ants are two different sizes on each side. Termite wings are the same on both sides.



There are over 35,000 different species of spiders. You can call our office at: 918-492-1774 and we will be happy to send you a post card size chart of the common spiders found in Oklahoma. If you are having a problem with spiders, it is probably best to set up for a spray and get your problem under control.



Silverfish are nocturnal insects. Their abdomens taper at the end, giving them a fish-like appearance. Usually develop a grayish hue and almost metallic shine. They are segmented into three long cerci at the tips of their abdomens. They have long antennae and move in a wiggling motion. They avoid light and are a main food for the brown recluse spider.




Cockroach babies can be very small. They hide anywhere. The adults can be over 2″ long. They also range in color from brown to black. They really like warm places, like behind the refrigerator, stove and under microwaves and coffee makers. They are difficult to get rid of. We must remember that they have changed little in the 400 million years that they have been around.



Fleas are very tiny and flat from side to side making them hard to find and see. They are brownish black in color. To rid a fleas infestation: 1)If there is a pet, the per must be treated at the same time/day as the house is treated. 2) Remove everything off the floors and under furniture (such as clothes, toys, pillows, etc.) Vacuuming is very important, vacuum before the treatment and then remove the bag and place “outside” in trash or burn. It is best to vacuum each day to get rid of the eggs. The vacuum bag needs to be taken outside after each use until the infestation is complete.



Bed bugs are very tiny and difficult to see. They are brown or reddish brown in color. They do not usually travel far from the host (which is you). They can be found mostly on those furniture and like to stay around the headboard of the bed. Also can be found in the folds, creases, and between the the mattress and box springs. They also can be found on night stands, clothing left on the bed or floor. They have even been found in books. They are good hitchhikers and can be transported from one area to another via your clothing, purse, or etc. They like to feed at night between the hours of 4:00am – 6:00am. They bite your exposed skin while you are sleeping. The bites sometimes look like flea bites or other insect bites.



Mice are small rodents with a pointed snout, small rounded ears, and a long almost hairless tail which they use for balance. They are mostly nocturnal and the first signs you may see is little pellet like dark brown (poop). You may also notice holes chewed in boxes or sacks of food. The life expectancy of the mouse is approximately one year.



Gophers are strictly herbivores. They will cut through roots of plants, shrubs, and trees. At times they encircle the entire plant and cut through all of the roots causing the plant to die. They will also chew the bark off shrubs and trees. They are very destructive to vegetation of any kind. They are known to create mounds, however their mounds have a distinct hole that allows them to come and go. When they are finished with the hole they plug it. Gopher and mole treatments are totally different.



Moles are related to the bat and the shrew family. They feed on earthworms and also snails, slugs, millipedes, but rarely vegetation. You rarely see a mole above ground. Look for their mounds or raised ridges. They do prefer moist areas. They push the dirt straight up resulting in the volcano shaped mounds.



Ants can live up to 30 years. They are related to wasps and bees. They have a segmented body and their antennae are bent similar to an elbow. Ants form colonies and much like the termite they have a queen and worker or soldier ants (who do the work). Ant colonies can be very large. Ants are drawn to sweet, sugary items.



Carpenter Ants can be found both inside and outside of your house. They like moist, decaying and hollow wood. They do not actually eat wood they just cut into the grain to form their nests. Some carpenter ants can have wings and are often mistaken for a termite. They also have a segmented body and an elbow shaped antenna. They also enjoy dwelling in dead stumps or very damp wood. They are commonly black, but can exhibit both a red and black coloration.



Termites live in colonies and wood is their main food source. A single colony can have millions of termites. They never sleep they just eat 24/7. When they swarm before mating, they shed their wings which signals that they have found a nesting place. Signs of termites are: mud tubes, swarms (which the swarmers do not live very long but you will see dead piles on them on your floor), a rippling or sunken area beneath wallpaper or sheet-rock paper, small pin hole marks on your wall or ceiling. They are a flesh color, have straight antennas, and they have a broad waist, 2-pair of wings that are the same length.